Clarity and Empowerment
for a Fulfilled Life

Do you want to discover what really fulfills you?

Get connected to your inner GPS (voice) and
find your own way to happiness and love!

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  • Where you are coming from

    Do you sense you are not living up to your full potential and have a feeling deep down which tells you “there is more in life”?

    Do you lack clarity for driving a needed change or even setting a goal?

    Are you tired of the repeated patterns in your relationships which wear you down?

  • What you are looking for

    You want to be who you really are, no more hiding your authentic self, be aware of and apply all your talents.

    You want clarity about where you stand right now, your desires and how to turn them into reality.

    You want to be the creator of an abundant life where you have clear goals which you achieve.

My services

... to give you clarity and stability during a transformational process so that you can take the next steps towards a more fulfilled and authentic life!  This can be delivered in different formats:

a. Individual sessions for a concrete “one-off” question (face to face or via Skype/phone)
b. Coaching program to fully empower you (face to face or via Skype/phone)
c. Trainings and workshops for self-discovery, healing and transformation (face to face or online courses)

Client love

My values

Hareen Melanie Maiwald

Holistic Coach and Constellation Therapist who helps you to connect to your own inner power, leaving insecurities behind. You discover your true potential on a path of self-discovery and leave everything behind which no longer serves you. This way you create a new life full of abundance and happiness.

Hareen is German and married to a Mexican. She feels like a citizen of the world as she has lived and studied in 7 countries and has over 10 years of experience in multinational corporations, including on management level. Hareen builds the bridge between the corporate and the spiritual world, connecting personal growth with the achievement of objectives on all levels.

Working with me

In a first conversation we can evaluate if we are a good match for working together! It's important to trust your gut feeling for such important matters like your personal development!


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