Feng Shui is of great value:

  • when you don't sleep well or don't renew your energy at home at day time
  • when you experience a lack of harmony in your family
  • when you have a feeling that there are energies from previous inhabitants in your house
  • when you feel stuck and need a change in your life
  • when you want to create personal and professional abundance

The causes of discomfort

Where do the energies which weaken us, destabilize or harm us come from ?

The origin may lie in the legacy of the place, such as unresolved issues related to life's circumstances of previous inhabitants: energetic memories which were kept in the memories of the walls, floors or furniture. Furthermore, the flow of Chi could get stuck due to electromagnetic fields, domestic appliances, SmartPhones, underground watercourses or toxic elements from the soil. Even a motorway junction, a hospital nearby or aggressive business competition in the area might provoke a negative impact.


Why is the Chi so important?

In a place where the fundamental life force (Chi) can flow freely, the residents enjoy wellbeing and abundance.
A break in the flow of this life force provokes stagnation, a feeling of scarcity, demotivation, powerlessness and psychophysical discomfort which often leads to illness.
The lack of Chi in a professional environment has a strong impact on the activities that take place at the business premises thus limiting success despite all efforts.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng means "wind" and Shui "water" (the pronounciation is "fong shuei").
Soft wind and water in movement are associated with a good harvest and health in the Chinese culture, while strong winds and stagnant water are related to drought and sickness. Therefore, a  "good feng shui" means good luck and a long life without sickness.

Feng Shui is the art and science of the wisdom through which natural forces are understood. Its objective is to create an environment which satisfies our needs as much as possible and which supports our growth and development.
A Feng Shui study identifies the energy of each person and matches it with their homes or work places.
The goal of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with the energies surrounding us, to foster the supporting energy flows and to neutralize the limiting energy flows.

Classic Feng Shui versus Energetic Feng Shui

Classic Feng Shui is mainly about the physical set up: how to improve the places' energy through the placement of furniture, interior decor, selection of colors, etc.
The energetic Feng Shui which I offer improves the flow of Chi (life force) by placing symbols which act as acupuncture needles. This adapts to the individual needs of the inhabitants.

IMPORTANT: Client openess and willingness for inner personal change is a must for a successful Feng Shui project!


Power Places - your home or your business

What does my Feng Shui service consist of?

  1. First visit at your home (or business place) where we have a preliminary conversation. I have a look at the place and collect all required information for starting the Feng Shui project. A basic sketch (floor plan) of your house or flat which reflects the distribution of the rooms is needed.
  2. Second visit where I evaluate the existing energetic fields and the quality of the place in order to optimize it. I elaborate a chakra study (each place has a chakra micro-system) and connect with the five elements at your place. I work with Feng Shui symbols to stimulate key spots in the environment, just like the needles stimulate the meridians in acupuncture. This way I remove negative energy flows that influence your wellbeing and personal development. Energy which was stuck can now flow freely again, and supportive energies are fostered. The energetic Feng Shui modifies and noticeably harmonizes the atmosphere of the rooms without necessarily changing the furniture or decoration. Thanks to the new flow of Chi a lasting, enjoyable atmosphere is created.
  3. You receive a summary report with recommendations that support the underlying personal processes/changes to be triggered by the new energy in your home (or work place).
  4. Follow-up / consultancy call a few weeks after the Feng Shui work has been completed.
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