Systemic work with Gauri Gatha constellations

The reasons for your problems with your partner, family, colleagues at work or even with your health or your financial situation are beyond your logical comprehension. Over and over again you find yourself in a repeated pattern of similar relationships and situations even though you are so desperately wishing for a change.

The world we live in is governed by structures, systems and patterns. We don’t always feel happy within these patterns. Often we don’t know why we feel uncomfortable or why we keep playing the same games even though they don’t serve us. Do you feel unable to leave your old patterns and drive the necessary change?

Obtain clarity and liberty with Gauri Gatha

Gauri Gatha is a therapeutic method of systemic constellations to reveal previously unrecognized system dynamics and bonds, not only in relationships but also towards different aspects of your own life. You can now recognize the hidden mechanism acting upon you. Connected to the higher energy and love of the divine mother conflicts can be healed at the very origin and a path becomes visible for the solution of the conflict. A freer and more peaceful way to deal with other people and/or situations becomes available. Gauri Gatha provides you a deeper comprehension of yourself and of the system you are part of while experimenting the power of love and the forces which rule over human relations. It will change your life. And the moment you – one element of the system – change, the whole system changes.


A Gauri Gatha constellation can be done in a group with representatives for the people/aspects of the system, or in individual sessions.